Advanced LSAT Prep

Written by an author who achieved a 180 on the LSAT and spent years specializing in tutoring advanced students, these books are the only books on the market that focuses on the student aiming for a 170 or 175+ score.

LR Perfection

LR Perfection resulted from years of tutoring students stuck in the 160-170 range attempting to break into the 170s. It encompasses hundreds of the hardest LR questions ever to appear on the LSAT as well as the knowledge and habits you need to ace the section.

LR Perfection is intended for an advanced audience.

RC Perfection

RC Perfection is suitable for students of all skill levels. It breaks down RC into four modules: passage reading, nearly 20 question types, answer choice elimination and ranking, and passage-specific strategies.

It analyzes the hardest passages/questions ever to appear on the LSAT and gives you the tools to finally succeed in RC.