Advanced LSAT Prep Strategies 

Breaking the 170 Barrier 

Many of my students aim high with their LSAT goals. Whether it’s to get into their dream school, get a scholarship, or any other reason, they’re aiming to score a 170 or higher.

If breaking the 170 barrier is also your goal, you’re in the right place! I’ve outlined some advanced test prep strategies for LG, LR, and RC below to help.

Scoring 170 

If you want to score a 170 on the LSAT, you must only get 8-9 questions wrong. This means allotting a maximum of 2-3 mistakes per section. If you feel like one particular section is your weakness (e.g., RC), you will want to strive for a perfect score on the other two sections (e.g., LR and LG). 

Scoring 175

Similarly, if your goal is to score a 175, you are allowed approximately 3-4 mistakes, or one mistake per section. From my experience, my students who have scored a 175 or above strove for a perfect score in LG and perfect or -1 in LR, which allows for a few mistakes in RC.

170/175 Mastery: LG

From my two years of tutoring intermediate and advanced LSAT students, I realized that the key to scoring well in the Logic Games section of the LSAT is the ability to maintain a cool mind under pressure.

170/175 Mastery: LR

When it comes to the LSAT’s logical reasoning questions, many students unfortunately focus on the wrong thing: the content. The key to perfecting the LSAT’s logical reasoning questions is to identify the logical, cause-and-effect “rules” hidden in complicated sentences.

170/175 Mastery: RC

RC Perfection is the advanced guide for LSAT reading comprehension. It builds on the core reasoning skills represented in LR Perfection, focusing on techniques for memory retention, critical reading, time management, and more.

Advanced LSAT Prep Strategies 

Below are the advanced test prep strategies for LR and RC. Practice each section under you’ve reached your desired accuracy within the allotted time, then use the most recent 20 – 30 PTs for realistic practice for test day.  

LR Advanced Guide

RC Advanced Guide