After working with hundreds of advanced test-takers (160s to low 170s) in the past few years, a fascinating pattern began to emerge. Nearly everyone at this level made the same mistakes in LR! I would find myself explaining the same questions to different students, often multiple times a day. 

Students of approximately the same skill level face many of the same problems. In LR, this translates to mistakes in the latter half of a section, especially after Question 15 or so. This is because in the past, the difficulty level of LR questions has objectively increased as you progressed through a section. In other words, to truly ace the LR section, we have no choice but to pay extra attention to the hardest questions. 

You see, the harder questions are not fundamentally different from the easier ones at their core, there are just a lot more variations. Prepbooks currently available on the market do a great job of addressing the basic steps to solving LR questions, but none focuses on the harder questions and their variations. I felt the need to address this issue and LR Perfection was born. 

What resulted is a deep dive into the 200 or so hardest LR questions ever to appear on the LSAT, questions even high-performing students have consistently struggled with. Throughout the book, I examine each question type by chapter, and categorize them by their difficult traits and traps, emphasizing the pitfalls that have beleaguered my students, and the habits and skills we must adopt in order to improve. 

The primary audience for this book are students who already have a solid grasp of the core tenets of the Logic Reasoning section. But beginner students may still benefit from it if they are not afraid of jumping in the deep end, realizing the work needed to really ace LR. 

I’ve included 4 chapters out of 22 as a free preview down below. You may download the Table of Contents here, and the Appendix here. I hope all this may be of use. 

Chapter Previews are also available for download, they are: 


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It’s time to stop stressing over the same problems and start reasoning with a more efficient perspective. My book, LR Perfection, can help you identify flaws in your thought process and create new logical reasoning habits that will take you further in the LSAT exam.