The inspiration for RC Perfection arose out of my experiences teaching the RC Masterclass. Being a speaker of Mandarin I had many Chinese students come to me with questions specifically regarding RC. Many of them felt that unlike LG and LR, which were learnable, RC was a whole different beast in itself. For ESL students or students whose reading ability may not be the strongest, RC was a constant struggle. For most of us, it was the hardest section to improve. 

So I became fixated on trying to develop a more modular method that not only provided a comprehensive guide to everything RC-related; but more importantly, allowed different students to assess their capabilities and target their particular weaknesses. RC Perfection is divided into four modules. 

Part I focuses on reading methods and how to break down the passage/individual paragraphs structurally, as well as noting the details that will most likely be relevant for the questions that ensue. 

Part II looks at each of the nearly twenty question types to appear in RC, how to approach each of them, and strategies for dealing with more difficult questions. 

Part III deals with the nuanced art of answer choice selection, further broken down into answer choice elimination and answer choice ranking. 

Lastly, Part IV presents a myriad of passage-specific strategies, with tips on how to approach comparative, scientific, humanities, art, and legal passages. 

Finally, our performance in RC is stymied by our inherent reading ability, so don’t hesitate to check out my recommended reading list for students who are struggling with reading in general. (This is also talked about in the book.) 

I’ve included 4 chapters out of 21 as a free preview down below. You may download the Table of Contents here, and the Appendix here. I hope all this may be of use. 

Chapter Previews are also available for download, they are: 

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Struggling with reading comprehension? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. RC Perfection is the LSAT student’s advanced guide for improving critical reading and time management skills.